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Atomic FireballsAtomic Fireballs are a round, cinnamon-flavored hard candy invented by Nello Ferrara in 1954. They are a form of jawbreaker. The outer layers of the candy are a bright red color while the interior layers are white.$1.45
Bit-O-HoneyBit-O-Honey first appeared in 1924 and was made by the Schutter-Johnson Company of Chicago, Illinois. The candy consists of almond bits embedded in a honey-flavored taffy, which makes for a long-chewing candy.$1.45
Candy ButtonsCandy Buttons, Candy Dots, or Pox are small rounded pegs of candy that are attached to a strip of paper. This classic sugar candy was originally introduced by the Cumberland Valley company. Each strip of the candy includes three flavors: cherry (pink), lime (blue), and lemon (yellow). $1.45
Candy LipstickRed and pink candy lipsticks. This candy is another original, manufactured by Ce De Candy. Comes in a tube that is small enough to carry around in a pocket or purse. Temporarily Out Of Stock$1.45
Candy NecklaceCandy necklaces were first introduced in 1958 and have been a best seller ever since. These necklaces are made by Ce De Candy, the company that makes Smarties.$1.45
Caramel BullseyeGoetze's Caramel Creams were introduced in 1918: a caramel jacket with a pure sugar cream center. Since they look a little like the bull's eye of a target, the nickname was picked up along the way. Many people only know this popular caramel candy by the name Bull's Eyes.Temporarily Out Of Stock$1.45
Chick-O-SticksChick-O-Stick is a candy produced by Atkinson Candy Company that has been manufactured since the Great Depression. Chick-O-Stick is an orange stick of varying length and thickness, dusted with ground coconut. The interior of the stick is honeycombed with peanut butter and the orange hardened syrup/sugar mixture that also forms the shell.$1.45
Jaw BreakersJaw Breakers consist of a number of layers, each layer dissolving to reveal a different colored (and sometimes differently flavoured) layer, before dissolving completely. Jaw Breakers have been sold in traditional sweet shops for at least a century.$1.45
Marshmallow ConesMarshmallow Products (Marpro) was founded in 1936 by John V. Arbino, a tailor. During the Great Depression, Mr. Arbino observed that while people did not always have money for tailor-made clothes, they did always seem to have pennies for candy. To this day, the formulas and recipes for the marshmallow filling and the cone remain the same as they were in 1936.Temporarily Out Of Stock$1.45
Old Fashioned Caramel CubesCaramel candies have a long, though unclear, history. While some consider caramel a purely American-made confection, others believe that Arabs were the first to discover caramel around 1000 AD. Caramel candy's popularity increased greatly when Milton S. Hershey began his first successful candy business in 1886: Lancaster Caramel Company.$1.45
Peanut Butter BarsIn 1938 a confectionery company began in Lufkin, Texas. Atkinson Candy made use of the Lone Star of Texas and put its name across the middle of a star, this forming the company logo. Originally know for Chick-o-Sticks, the Peanut Butter Bar was introduced in 1947. It contains a peanut butter honeycombed center with a hard candy jacket.$1.45
Rootbeer BarrelsRoot Beer Barrels are hard, root beer flavored candies in the shape of a barrel.$1.45
Soft MintsSoft mints, such as "dinner mints" and "butter mints", are soft candies with a higher butter content, that dissolve more readily inside one's mouth.$1.45
Wax BottlesWax Bottles are small wax bottles with flavored syrup inside. First bite off the top, suck out the liquid and then chew the wax, just like gum.$1.45
Pixy StixPixy Stix is a powdered candy packaged in a wrapper that resemembles a drinking straw. Pixy Stix was invented by Suynline Inc which started in 1952. Originally it was a drink mix in the late 1930's, sold as Frutola, but J. Fish Smith found that kids were eating the powder right from the package. Later it was re-packaged as Lik M Aid and straws called Pixy Stix.$1.45
Red TwistsThe Phoenix Candy Co, Brooklyn, NY, was looking for a product they could sell year round. In 1962 they took a chance on a taffy item that the kids could consume "now" and save some for "later." The confection took off and "Now & Later" has been around ever since.Temporarily Out Of Stock$1.45
Now And LaterThe Phoenix Candy Co, Brooklyn, NY, was looking for a product they could sell year round. In 1962 they took a chance on a taffy item that the kids could consume "now" and save some for "later." The confection took off and "Now & Later" has been around ever since.$1.45
Bottle CapsBottle Caps are tart tablets candies made to look like metal soda bottle caps. They are sold by Willy Wonka Candy Co and created many years ago with Soda flavors.$1.45
Cow TailsGoetze had its start in 1895, as the Baltimore Chewing Gum Co. In 1917 the family developed a soft, caramel candy that evolved into their signature products. Cow Tails are similar to their famous Bulleyes, but in the form of a long cylindar with a cream center.Temporarily Out Of Stock$1.45
Black CowsBlack Cows were introduced by Holloway Candy Co in the late 1920's. They were basically a Slo Poke dipped in a chocolate flavored covering!$1.45
Rainbow MintsThese perfect bite-sized multi flavored twists are a staple of candy dishes everywhere. They were developed by the Atkinson Candy Co many years ago and are still popular today$1.45
Long BoysLong Boys are a traditional Southern treat originally made in New Orleans more than 50 years ago. Atkinson Candy Co uses the same recipe that was perfected over time.$1.45
Slo PokesSlo Pokes were originally made by the Holloway Candy Co and introduced in 1926. The vanilla-caramel sucker become popular with the kids because it seemed to last all day!$1.45
BB BatsBB Bats and Kits were originally developed by the Fair Play Caramel Company back in 1924.$1.45
KitsKits were originally developed by the Fair Play Caramel Company back in 1924. Since that time the brands have been brought and sold by a niumber of companies. But, one thing that has remained is that kids and adults still love them.$1.45
Assorted TaffyCandy store owner David Bradley's shop was flooded during a major storm back in 1883. As a result of the flood, his entire stock of taffy was soaked with salty Atlantic ocean water. When a young girl came in to buy some taffy, he told her all he had was "Salt Water Taffy". She loved the candy and the name and so "Salt Water Taffy was born.$1.45
Maple Nut GoodiesMaple Nut Goodies were created by the EJ Brach & Sons candy company out of Chicago many years ago. It is made with oven roasted peanuts and a buttery toffee center covered in a real maple syrup coating. It became one of their best selling items.$1.45

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