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Atomic FireballsAtomic Fireballs are a round, cinnamon-flavored hard candy invented by Nello Ferrara in 1954. They are a form of jawbreaker. The outer layers of the candy are a bright red color while the interior layers are white.$1.50
Bit-O-HoneyBit-O-Honey first appeared in 1924 and was made by the Schutter-Johnson Company of Chicago, Illinois. The candy consists of almond bits embedded in a honey-flavored taffy, which makes for a long-chewing candy.$1.50
Candy NecklaceCandy necklaces were first introduced in 1958 and have been a best seller ever since. These necklaces are made by Ce De Candy, the company that makes Smarties.$1.50
Chick-O-SticksChick-O-Stick is a candy produced by Atkinson Candy Company that has been manufactured since the Great Depression. Chick-O-Stick is an orange stick of varying length and thickness, dusted with ground coconut. The interior of the stick is honeycombed with peanut butter and the orange hardened syrup/sugar mixture that also forms the shell.$1.50
Jaw BreakersJaw Breakers consist of a number of layers, each layer dissolving to reveal a different colored (and sometimes differently flavoured) layer, before dissolving completely. Jaw Breakers have been sold in traditional sweet shops for at least a century.$1.50
Peanut Butter BarsIn 1938 a confectionery company began in Lufkin, Texas. Atkinson Candy made use of the Lone Star of Texas and put its name across the middle of a star, this forming the company logo. Originally know for Chick-o-Sticks, the Peanut Butter Bar was introduced in 1947. It contains a peanut butter honeycombed center with a hard candy jacket.$1.50
Soft MintsSoft mints, such as "dinner mints" and "butter mints", are soft candies with a higher butter content, that dissolve more readily inside one's mouth.$1.50
Wax BottlesWax Bottles are small wax bottles with flavored syrup inside. First bite off the top, suck out the liquid and then chew the wax, just like gum.$1.50
Now And LaterThe Phoenix Candy Co, Brooklyn, NY, was looking for a product they could sell year round. In 1962 they took a chance on a taffy item that the kids could consume "now" and save some for "later." The confection took off and "Now & Later" has been around ever since.$1.50
Candy CornCandy corn was created in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Philadelphia, PA-based Wunderle Candy Company. The Goelitz Confectionery Company (now Jelly Belly) began production at the turn of the 20th century and called the product "Chicken Feed." Along with other agriculture-inspired treats at the time, the late 20th century, Americas' confectioners sought to market candy corn to a largely rural society.$1.50
Gummy Cola BottlesCola bottles are sweets in the shape of classic Coca-Cola-style bottles with a cola flavor. They are produced by numerous companies. "Fizzy Blue Bottles", made by Lutti (formerly part of the French division of the Leaf Candy Company, now controlled by a private investment group), are sweets typically found in a pick and mix selection. These are very similar to cola bottle gummies in shape, but they are usually sour and coloured blue and pink. "Blue Bottles", a variation from another company, are identifiable by the small rims around the sides, and are chewier and thicker, with a sweeter taste.$1.50
Gummy Ice Cream ConesGummy ice cream cones add a pretty pastel splash to any treat no matter how you choose to use them. These unique, fruit-flavored gummies come in assorted colors and look so whimsical on a homemade ice cream cake or as edible wedding favors.$1.50
Sour Cherry JelsSour Cherry Jels. A cherry flavored candy with a sour candy coating. These have the perfect amount of sweet and sour in one candy. The outer shell is a tart and tangy flavor once you get to the Jel center it is a sweet chewy flavor. $1.50

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Standing RackMetal Standing Display. Holds about 80 bags. Very Durable.$50.00
Spinning RackMetal Spinning Display. Holds about 150 bags. Very Durable.$75.00

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